The Pilates Method is an exercise program for the whole body with the aim of strengthening weak muscles and stretching shortened muscles. The result is a better balance which is reflected in a strong, flexible body with toned muscles, improved posture and great body awareness. Every movement starts with the activation of the Powerhouse, also called centre of power, which consists of the deep abdominal muscles, back muscles, glutes and inner thighs.

Moving with concentration, precision and control from the center of the body will lead to a balance between body and mind. Performing the exercises in flow ensures a good flow of energy through the body and makes it a work-out. In all of this, the breath plays an important role. Performing the exercises in cooperation with the breath leads to greater concentration, intensification of exercises and increases lung capacity.

Depending on the needs of the client, the exercises will be performed on a Mat or on one of the other Pilates equipment in a lying down, standing or sitting position.

The Pilates method is an effective and safe method and accessible to everyone, regardless of age, the physical level or physical condition. Whether you want to improve your sports performance or are recovering from an injury, surgery or pregnancy. Anyone who deliberately wants to deal with his body, wants to balance their muscles and improve posture will generate benefits from Pilates. Consistency of application of the method will soon be felt in your daily life including sitting and walking in a more upright position, better sleep, better mental and physical balance and overall sense of well-being. Even among men Pilates is gaining popularity which is not so strange when you realize that the Pilates method was developed by a man!

Pilates is also increasingly recognized by doctors, physiotherapists and manual therapists. Either as a support in addition to regular therapy or after completion of treatment. We therefore value close cooperation with physiotherapists.