There are several different exercise sessions, each last 60 minutes. The sessions include:


The client works out with a certified Pilates trainer. These tailor-made sessions are based on the individual needs of the client. All Pilates equipment, including the Mat, is used. Due to the focus on personal goals results are accomplished fast. 


Two clients work out with a certified Pilates trainer on all Pilates equipment, including the Mat. Both clients receive sufficient attention and guidance to make the sessions effective.


Three clients work out with a certified Pilates trainer on all Pilates equipment, including the Mat. All clients receive sufficient attention and guidance to make the sessions effective.


In a small group (maximum of 5 persons) you will get a session on the Reformer but also the Chairs, Barrels, Cadillac and Mat will be used during the class. This way the teacher can focus on the individual needs within the group. Some Pilates experience is required.


In a group of up to 10 people strength and stretch exercises are performed on the Mat to improve posture and breathing.

The series on the Mat is a series of exercises that allows the spine to move in all directions. To support the body exercises are performed as much as possible lying on the back, to the side and on the abdomen. But also rolling and forward and backward bending of the spine is part of the session. Using the body's resistance without the support of apparatus, makes it a real challenge. In this way strength and flexibility are created quickly.

During the sessions small materials such as the Magic Circle, hand weights, the small ball and large ball are used.

The Mat classes are taught at different levels. Depending on your level, you can participate in Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced Mat. This keeps the sessions effective for everyone and prevents clients to overstrain.


In a small group (maximum 5 people) Mat exercises are combined with the exercises of the Cadillac. Using the Wallunit with springs and bars gives an extra dimension to the Mat exercises. In this way strength, control and flexibility are gained quickly.


This session focuses on strengthening and aligning the male body. All elements of Pilates are covered: Strength, Stretch, Stamina. This includes exercises to strengthen weak muscles, to lengthen shortened muscles and cardio exercises to increase stamina. This approach is popular among men who do not like the massive gym or would like to work on their posture. Also popular as a support in addition to other sports to improve the sport performance. 90% of the Olympic sports are supported by Pilates! 


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