Prins Maurits Pilates is the first classical pilates studio in the Statenkwartier in The Hague. The studio has opened its doors on May 1, 2014. Sessions are given according to the original method, which means that the exercises are taught as developed by Joseph Pilates where possible. Compared to Pilates offered by gyms the main difference is the smaller size of the group, the personal guidance, the result-oriented approach and finally that the equipment used, including the mat, are designed according to Josephs instruction.

Through this approach we are able to work together with the client to reach the goals in a safe way. Whether it comes to recovery after surgery, injury, pregnancy or to create a better aligned body. Also in (top) sport, Pilates is increasingly used to improve performance. In the dance world, the exercises are a solid part of the training for years and also 90% of the Olympic sports is supported by Pilates. Pilates is for everyone who wants to improve strength, flexibility and stamina.

We use Gratz equipment. Gratz is the original manufacturer of authentic Pilates equipment. These machines are manufactured on Long Island City in New York according to the requirements of Joseph Pilates. Joseph developed his training and his apparatus simultaneously and Gratz and Pilates go hand in hand. Both trainers and students experience the difference during training Gratz:. "He invented it, we make it"

Gratz: Why?  Because I am a classical Pilates teacher.  I teach only Joseph Pilates actual exercises in the order that he designed them to be done with his intention that every client get a balanced workout of the mind and body that is appropriate for him/her that emanates from core strength.  With that, I work on apparatus that is as close to Mr. Pilates actual designs as I can.  While training and teaching with Romana Kryzanowska at Dragos, I had the pleasure of working on some of Mr. Pilates actual pieces.  Along with several wonderful accessories, we had one of his Cadillacs/Trapeze Tables, a High Chair and a Wunda Chair.  Therefore, from my perspective, I always want to work on apparatus that feels as close to the feel of Mr. Pilates actual apparatus.  I trust that Mr. Pilates, a true genius, designed his apparatus with great thought.  I trust that the width of the Cadillac/Trapeze Table was purposeful.  I believe the height of the Wunda Chair in relation to the length of the pedal was mindful.  I am certain that strength of the springs on the Reformer was necessary