Welcome to Prins Maurits Pilates in The Hague!

Prins Maurits Pilates is the first Pilates Studio in the Statenkwartier in The Hague. We teach classical Pilates according to the authentic method of Joseph Pilates. This movement program for the whole body consists of exercises aimed at strengthening muscles, gaining more flexibility and bringing mind and body into balance. The focus is on the Powerhouse, or the power center of the body, which consists of the deep abdominal muscles, back muscles, glutes and inner thigh muscles.

Pilates is suitable for anyone who wants a more powerful, more flexible and better aligned body with a healthier spine resulting in better posture. The results will soon be noticeable in everyday life and contribute to improve health and vitality.

The studio offers both personal training and group sessions. All sessions are given on the most sophisticated and original Pilates equipment, which are manufactured in New York, the heart and soul of Pilates, and according to the requirements of Joseph Pilates himself.

You can find the studio at the Prins Mauritslaan 42, a side street of the Frederik Hendriklaan, where we work on achieving your personal goals in an open and bright setting.

"Pilates makes you smile!"